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About Us

⏢Who We Are

A Small Dedicated team treats each project with the care that we would put into our own homes.

We are committed to complete customer satisfaction with every project we do. Not just in the quality of our work, but also by respecting your home.

We will always try to keep your home as clean as possible during construction and all that will be left behind is a beautiful job.

Give us your remodeling design ideas and concepts or ask for our assistance. We can help you achieve your desired results.

⏢What We Do

Our team is built with experienced tile and stone installers. The person who works in your home will have the experience and know-how to exceed your expectations because we continually educate our installers on the latest industry standards.

  • ❖ Work with you on any idea or design pattern you envision!
  • ❖ We help you plan your new tile design and tile patterns
  • ❖ Work on any materials you need, from inexpensive glazed ceramic tile to natural stone
  • ❖ We can also do custom work to match your existing tile installation.
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Coming soon.. GT.TOUCH

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